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Reward Scratch Card Competition

April 1, 2023

Reward Scratch Card Terms & Conditions

Customers spend £5 or more and recieve a scratch card, which when scratched will reveal a prize. There are 8 prizes in total that can be won including a NO WIN better luck next time, and also free burger, free fries, free drinks etc.

Terms & Conditions Apply

  1. The scratch card campaign only applies to customers who place orders at one of Burger and sauce stores and NOT available via delivery platform orders on ubereats.
  2. Customers must spend £5 or more inside store to recieve a scratch card.
  3. Total spend after any discounts applied must be £5 or greater.
  4. Customers must present their card at the counter staff to recieve prize, and the scratch card will be disposed off right away.
  5. Any misuse of the scratch card such as potential forging will result in automatic failure to recieve any prize.
  6. Burger and sauce ltd reserves the right to cancel the campaign at any given moment without notice.
  7. Customers will not be allowed to change their prizes even if the prize won has the same price as the item wanted.
  8. The end date to use the scratch card is 1st January 2024, after which customers will not be able to redeem their prizes.