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Burger & Sauce’s to Open in Walsall

October 31, 2022

Burger & Sauce’s newest franchise Adil Hussain will open his first restaurant in Walsall, Birmingham on Friday 4 November 2022.  

Adil Hussain who admits to being from a ‘foodie family’ has left a successful career in banking and finance to pursue his dream of running his own chain of restaurants.  Having gone from bean counter to counting burgers, he confirms:

I’ve worked with some of the big-name institutions like RBS and NatWest and more recently a peer-to-peer lender, but I’ve always wanted to work for myself. My family are into food. My father is a caterer, and my brother works in the food industry too, so I was just looking for the right opportunity! 

A Burger & Sauce opened near to where I live in Birmingham.  I was impressed with the brand and loved the fresh, fast-food experience which is all delivered as a value for money package for customers. I saw the vision of what could be and spoke to Burger & Sauce’s founder Saad Massod to make it happen!

Since Adil left the finance industry, he’s been working and training at Burger & Sauce to become fully familiar with running a restaurant for a few months. 

He says:

It’s been all about learning the ropes. The technology and systems are designed for easy operation, so it’s been straightforward. In the background, the Walsall restaurant was being set up and the new team recruited and trained too.

Once Walsall is established, my goal is to open more Burger & Sauce outlets one at a time.  I anticipate Walsall will be the first of many!

The new Walsall Burger & Sauce is situated on Stafford Street, near the town centre and will open with 50% off All Burgers on Friday 4 November and 50% off Chicken & Cheese Fries Saturday 5 November.

Saad Massod confirms:

Welcoming Adil to the team has been a pleasure.  He is dedicated and determined, and we look forward to supporting him as he grows his Burger & Sauce franchised business.

For those interested in running a Burger & Sauce restaurant, exclusive territories are currently available around two hours’ drive from Birmingham. A ten-year franchise licence is £15,000 plus store and fit-out costs and fees.  Multi-site development licences are also available for approved franchisees. For further information please email:  [email protected] or visit:  www.burgerandsauce.com/franchise/